Friday 23 December 2011


Snow was falling before the sun woke up.
Happy Toronto Son arrived yesterday and not today!

Before the smell of coffee permeated the house
red berries were under a blanket of snow.

The Rusty Pups love all kinds of weather.
Nothing stops their morning rituals
of mouth to mouth tennis ball exchanges

and following Handy Hubby down to the road and back again.


  1. I hear hallmark calling...very pretty holiday scene. think the rusty pups could use some reindeer ear and a slid to help the old jolly guy out...they look like they could manage it. very pretty. much different snow look then the city gets (ours is usually white for a second, grey and then black for weeks.) sweet holidays.

  2. Lucky you, Penny! Family together and SNOW! Our family is spread so far but we shall see each other :-D . We do NOT have any wkinter at all though here in the banana belt of southern Ontario ! Boo!! How will Santa get her ???

    Happy Christmas to the entire Berens clan.

  3. happy snow. happy solstice. happy christmas. happy whatever!

  4. HOW LOVELY. it's hot here...cats and dogs lie melting in furry piles

    happy merry time!

  5. A very happy Christmas to you and yours Penny - enjoy your family time (and those rusty pups - give them a hug for me).

  6. Lovely weather for people who grow their own fur coats...

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Fabulous snow pictures.

  8. love the first image of snow..beautifulxx Also lovely to see the rusty pups againxx Our rusty pup Alfie is now quite a teenager!!!!xxHave a happy New Year and good luck for 2012xxlynda


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