Monday 5 December 2011

Trying Something New

It's always worth while trying something new
especially on a play-day with friends.

I thought of you, Yvette, as I attempted my first wet felting.
A physical process
that needs a sturdy back and strong wrists. 

After working a second piece,
I decided to try felted balls.
The first one ended up as a separate egg and a saucer shape.
For the second one I paid more attention to stopping the wool from folding over itself
and ended up with a perfect little sphere!


  1. be aware, be very aware, wet felting is addictive especially when one's initial attempts are as good as yours.

  2. Lovely colours in your piece of felt, I adore felting :)

  3. Yes, Kaite...just having a fling!

    Chloe...Love your birds.

  4. Hooray for playdays...I am lucky to have a couple of like-minded friends who play together regularly :-) Glad you had fun

  5. It sounds as though a great time was had by all!

  6. Gorgeous colours. Those egg and saucer felt balls are plentiful round here, the kids made loads (that didn't quite fit into acorn cups), now I know what to do with them, stitch them down!

  7. Great felt! Isn't it great to felt and play with friends?! I took a felt workshop once, it was great fun! I agree with your word Is a physical activity!

  8. beware my sweetie, it's very addictive. You make the felt like a professional..unbelievable strong and well quality, really first time? I almost cannot believe it

    it's so nice to embellish..did you give it a try?

    ooooh I see you playing with colors, texture, stitches, holes, bubbles other fabrics, beads, branches, berries leaves, ecoprints...Penny you go bezerke...

  9. The little split ball reminds me of a woodland berry. Nice felting, wonder where THIS will take you....

  10. It's beautiful! I need to do more wet felting. It really is a lot of fun!

  11. Penny, it's and sky and sea...


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