Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hey Ho

No need to dream of a white Christmas here
It's still snowing.

Peace and Goodwill to you all

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  1. Peach, joy and happiness to you, both in this season and the coming New Year!

  2. seasonal warmth penny and happy gathering to your family - henrietta

  3. Joyous Noel and may your days be filled with laughter and fun.

  4. No White Christmas here in TO! Perhaps a few flurries and rain. Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Enjoy!

  5. And to you.

    (We're dreaming. A green Christmas in Southern Ontario!)

  6. Peace and Goodwill to you snow here, but we did get a lot of rain and hail. Didnt dampen our spirits though!
    It's been lovely popping by and visiting this blog this past year. I look forward to the next.

    Joyeux Noel.

    Jacky xox

  7. does a white christmas of hail count? i hope you and your family had a very happy time together.

  8. Hi, Penny. Thought your family linens/doilies to be lovely. Also liked your doodling on the iPad. Ahh, new things to learn in the new year! Have a happy holiday season too.
    best, nadia

  9. A few flakes on Christmas, but not much else. Late for us not to have snow, though we got dumped on in October, we've been pretty dry since! Tonight its raining... :(

  10. What a beautiful well-fed, stately bird, presiding over a snowy kingdom...Peace and happiness to you, Penny...

  11. it's New Year's eve
    bless us all and more Beauty
    from your needle


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