Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Feather Fashions

Boldly striped

and speckled hints of stripes.

Misty greys dipped in marshmallow whites.

 Blacks and whites streaked with blue.

Polka-dots of night and day.

Snow tipped.

A swoosh of black.


  1. fladderen (the sound feathers make)

    your eyes catches beauty as nobody else


    blacks to rusties

  2. What a brilliant haul of feathers! I love the polka dotted one, how cool, a polka dotted birdie, and the blue one is gorgeous, what will you do with them?

  3. Can you identify the bird of each? O, some are easy, but I find it hard to determine some of them I find.

  4. Isn't it astonishing to see such variety of colour and pattern. And then on top of the variety in each feather, there is the variety created in the plumage of each bird..

  5. These are so beautiful. What a wonderful collection -- I would look at them everyday and imagine myself in flight.

  6. I once was the caretaker of a collection of thousands of feathers from all over the world. It was REMARKABLE!
    Small, iridescent ones, large showy arched and fray-tipped, huge condor feathers, tiny spotted ones. Truly, I was mesmerized. I used to bring them to gatherings and set up huge feather mandalas. People said it was like having bird-healings just looking at them!

    Needless to say, I love feathers! And, though I no longer have all of those, I feel them with me, as if each bird made a permanent home in my soul and left me deeply blessed.

  7. oh my goodness. i imagine, in my mind, all those beautiful birds.

  8. penny, i see that jude silently flew by and left you a few calling cards...deanna is quite right such richness of color and texture. may they bring you a lightness in all it definitions.

  9. Penny- These are grand! I too have many interesting feathers...I'd be happy to share!

  10. Now this is some serious flight inspiration, how glorious...all that diversity. And to think that each bird has an entirely different flight pattern, dictated in part by the uniqueness of these....! Lovely to see them all together like this.

  11. Yvette..Fladderen even sounds like the noise feathers make! And Rustys barking back to blacks!

    Hoola...just look at them every day for inspiration.

    Carol..Here's a stab at it not in any order..hawk, pheasant, seagull mourning dove, bluejay....I think!

    Valerianna...Oh, boy I would have loved to see them laid out in a mandala.

    Deanna...If they loose a feather does a new one grow back?

    Henrietta...Ah yes, Jude's feather project is amazing is it not. And thank you for your wish.

    Nancy...oh, yes, do share them...images of them that is.

    Sweetpea...Even the palest of the pale inspires doesn't it.

  12. Penny-yes a new feather will grow back in time. i understand that some birds lose all their flight feathers at the same time so they can not fly for a short period of time until they all grow back. different feathers on their body serve different purposes. it's all so interesting.

  13. The rusty cloth behind intrigues me more...

  14. These are just gorgeous! One of my chickens lost all her tail feathers this year when she molted. They are slowly growing back but boy she's looked funny at some stages.


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