Wednesday 9 November 2011

Under Clear Blue Skies

First thing in the morning on my way to meet Diane for a day of unwrapping bundles
I noticed the basin stretching for miles even beyond the horizon.
And just look at that clear blue sky fading to kiss the land and sea.

Fishing boats of every shape attach themselves to buoys 
after lengthy fishing trips.
Usually cormorants crowd onto each buoy
but I don't see any this morning.

Most people might take a photo of that boat
but I was looking at those rusty trees.
Boat is just in the way!

Later on I unwrapped this bundle that could be
a shoreline of rusty trees perhaps.

Surely I'll get to do some stitching today....
It's been so long, I couldn't find my needle case this morning.


  1. What a beautiful bundle, hoping you get to do some stitching <3

  2. Beautiful! Both the views and the work.

  3. i looked beyond the fishing boats and enlarged the village, we don't have little white washed houses like that here, to my eyes they were beautiful. I'm focusing in on tiny houses more and more these days - returning to my ancestors in spirit?

  4. Such beautiful views you have. You must feel very lucky :)
    And nice rusty fabric too!

  5. There is always so much to see in a harbour, and the far shore is not the least of the charms.

    I do hope you tracked down your needlecase!

  6. I find it interesting to notice what I don't take photos of. Like you, I mostly would prefer a view of just trees. Sometimes I challenge myself to take photos of the things I would normally leave out of the picture.

  7. Lovely pictures - I wanted to be there with you since we are experiencing a cold wind with leaves coming down all over the place.


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