Saturday 19 November 2011

A Special Delivery Day

Winter arrived yesterday.
But after a cold and blustery walk along the dyke
my heart warmed with excitement...
...there was a parcel waiting for pick up
...and it turned out to be
a marvellous piece of Judy Martin's work
that I am now thrilled to be the custodian of.

 'Heart to Heart'
It is a piece with two sides and two titles.
Each side a poem in it's own right.

 'Mother Canada'
If you know how Judy works
you know that it is heavily stitched...
even the white snowy land around 'Mother Canada'
is covered in stitched leaves of white.

If you know how Judy works...

you know that every stitch is a thoughtful meditation.

If you know Judy's world...
you can feel the caring embrace of her mother figure.
For me Judy is a major voice in Canadian art today.
For me she is a poet who writes her poems in stitch.

I know Judy loves this piece
and that there is a small piece of her within it's stitched textures.
I'm honoured and thrilled to provide it a home.
Thank you Judy.


  1. Beautiful. Her stitch work never ceases to amaze me... then again ALL you stitchers never cease to amaze me, being one for pushing fluids around on paper or board.
    Cold here this morning, I think winter has finally decided to push fall aside and make an entrance.

  2. Ohhh!!! You are one very lucky lady and I share your sentiments about Judy's work!

  3. all her work makes me stop and pause to look for a long/longing are indeed fortunate to be able to hold and feel her and her work...very lucky indeed.

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonder and your wonder, Penny. Magnificent and looking at it brings me home!

  5. How marvelous! A wonderful way to welcome winter with a stitchery from a friend. Just looking at it during these cold winter months will bring warmth to your heart.

  6. a very humbling artwork, indeed it is poetry institch

  7. Penny

    What beautiful words you have written here. Thank you very very much for them.

    xx love

  8. What a wonderful tribute and it is indeed a thing of beauty.

  9. How thrilling for you!

  10. what a lucky lady you are ......what a beautiful piece of work you have there, and the huggy'd mother canada fair warms the heart.

  11. how wonderful, in every way, to have this piece in your world.


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