Monday, 28 November 2011

Snowy Boughs Again

Never been able to stitch on black 'cos I can't see what the heck I'm doing.
Stitching on white is not so easy either.
I can see what I'm doing but...

...the fear of marking it or dripping blood from my pin pricked fingers
is daunting!
There is also the urge to rebel and throw in some bright colours...
I'm being very disciplined
and satisfying that urge with delicate
threads of colour that will only be seen on close inspection.
And for B over at Aracne...
it will be one free standing tree just like my red one last year.


  1. Love the subtle, soft colours. It will be very pretty and will go with anyone's decor.
    These would be great grouped in different heights (sizes) too - and in different solid colours.
    My mind is racing, I'm off now.

  2. It will look delicate but festive as well - worth the care to keep it clean!

  3. hard to stitch but so stately and fine. it's worth the effort.

  4. this is glorious, penny! How very lovely, elegant and understated . I love things that demand closeup inspection.

  5. so gentle and so sublime like the first new fallen snow on the spruce, cedars and ever-greening greens...only a soft wind could disturb this loveliness. very fine. it's a movement and rhythm in holding with the season.

  6. Penny, these are beautiful and will make a very lovely tree. I love the white on white!


  7. Gorgeous stitching, I envy your self restraint, I love the quiet, fragile beauty of all white work, but like a drug addict I always end up seeking a hit of colour :)

  8. Amazing stitches, lovely secret color.

  9. in love..with every stitch you make you give me back silence. Something I need so so heavely...


  10. I know what you mean about white, it daunts me too for the same reasons. I do like the subtle colours of thread.


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