Tuesday, 15 November 2011

High Tide on the Windswept Dyke

It's not only the colours that get me at this time of year...
It's also all that tangled mass of texture.

As the pups and I walked below the dyke 
a warm south wind blew hard against our faces
and the sound of rustling grasses surrounded us.
One day I need to do a piece on grasses.

 The rusty pups played 'ambush' up and down the dyke.

We returned along the top of the dyke
and those little monkeys decided it was the
perfect day for a swim.
Do you see one swimming off into the deep blue yonder?!
(Bottom right of the picture)


  1. The wind may have been warm, but I bet the water wasn't! It's fine for those who grow their own rusty-coloured wetsuits, I suppose...

  2. I agree with you on the grasses... I love the fields this time of year, especially those that escaped being hayed. I love the sides of the highways, until they come and mow everywhere. I sometimes wonder if "they" might be convinced to only do a narrow swath at the edge of the road, but I imagine the animals are a safer if we can see them coming across a mowed area? It would be great, however, to leave the grasses long and waving, so magical!

  3. Those Rusty pups know how to make the most of life - full of curiosity, play and leaping into new experiences!

  4. I also live on the ocean right across from you in Maine and my Springer Spaniels actually broke through the ice to get in the water and then ignored me as I tried to get him to come back on land. Silly monkeys.

  5. I too love grasses. They mesmerize me, much like the waves of the ocean.

  6. the grass does look like magic webbing fallen from a loom. what a joy to have the beach and breeze.

  7. Grasses are a joy to replicate in stitch. That scudding ocean is something else though!

  8. Some of my favorite walks this time of year are where I can see the contrast of the grasses and the shrubs and the pine greens. They are all beautiful on their own, but the textures of them all mixed together...such a beautiful tangle.

  9. I can hear those grasses now...and imagine them in stitches by your hand. Those pups must keep you quite active! Ha!

  10. wild and beautiful, the dogs know how to enjoy it.

  11. yes! my FAVorite time of year. (that is until th enext favorite time...) i think our landscape is similar, but i have no seascape to pay attention to.


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