Saturday 5 November 2011

Mulling Things Over

While in Toronto I did a talk about Environmental Influences.
In preparing the images I decided I had way too many.
So I collaged j-pegs of the inspiration behind the finished pieces.
Brilliant eh!

Bev misunderstood me and thought the background inspiration
was part of the whole stitched piece.

Since then Bev has caused me many sleepless nights
lying awake ruminating and mulling ideas over.
I'm  exploring hanging pieces over a backdrop
of the original photographic inspiration.

Photo transfer onto fabric is not something I am interested in.
The idea of a contrast between the textured stitching
and a smooth print on paper is a possibility.

The colour saturation on those prints would have to be cut back.
Viewing these images from my talk
I can see that the photo inspiration needs to be knocked back.
The stitched work should be the first thing you see.

Still have not had a moment to settle down to some stitching
but as you can see it is never far from my mind.


  1. Those are great Penny!

    ...I particularly like the top one....

    ...lovely colours :-)

  2. What a marvelous idea. These are amazingly beautiful. The fabric/stitched piece against the smooth photo creates interesting contrast. Bravo!

  3. I like seeing these makes the leap between your inspiration and the stitching very clear. I do agree that changing the saturation would be good.

  4. i love the idea of the inspiration behind the stitched piece. maybe a dark border around the stitched piece would make the stitched piece more dramatic.

  5. these are past fabulous! what inspirational work!!! it opens new worlds to my mind

  6. These look brilliant, really beautiful all collaged together that way, love it!

  7. I used to present some of my samples like this at uni. I agree that the source material would benefit from being knocked back so that your lovely textiles aren't clamouring for attention with the photographs. The last one is my favourite.

  8. i love all of these.

  9. Just found your blog--these first posts I'm reading are very interesting. I like your idea about display with photos. Really beautiful work!

  10. Well-Well-Wonderful!!! Good grief I love your work Penny :)
    The seaweed is unbelievable, but I like the rocks (second photo) best. How do you do these collages...I wanna play too :)

  11. What a great way to display your work. Inspiration to creation. I also agree a slightly muted photo would focus the eye to your wonderful textiles.

  12. Penny, the idea is brilliant. Have you thought of perhaps printing the photos on paper and then applying them to a light weight artist board or canvas. Then you could hang your quilts on the printed artwork. You could soften the background when you printed them or change the scale. I am looking forward to seeing what you do. (If you decide not to marry the two, I think your art is wonderful standing alone). I love the kelp piece and the stones. Actually, I couldn't pick a favorite because the topic is so dear to my heart. Have a beautiful weekend.

  13. It is all the completness one being...nature is to be seen and held. beautiful work.

  14. Oh Penny - these are beautiful and I LOVE the idea of putting your inspiration behind the actual stitchery. I just love your designs and colors and the way you've captured your inspiration.

  15. i both love and hate those difficult challenges, you've certainly taken on an interesting one which could have extraordinary possibilities. I love what you're doing so far with them.

  16. I would be interested in seeing what they would look like still using the photo aspect but trying it in black and white. The colours of the stitched piece would then pop (to use a very over-used word these days). Just another thought to add to your ruminations!

  17. I like this new tangent you are off on...
    Your fabric pieces look wonderful against your inspiration photo. I can just imagine them displayed that way.

    Jacky xox

  18. Genius.

    Also, the stitching itself is so amazing Penny.

    I wonder what you think about video projection? On a big wall - not a little screen.

  19. I think this is a fabulous idea, Penny - gorgeous images, both stitched and photos!

  20. brillliant, yes!

  21. And it's all thanks to Bev at The York Heritage Guild in Toronto.
    By the way Nancy, the collages were done in Picassa....very simple.
    Judy, do you mean incorporating video with a gallery show?
    MA...I think that's a good idea..perhaps I will go back and play with the inspiration photographs.
    Jeannie...yes that was the kind of presentation I was thinking about.


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