Monday, 14 November 2011

If You Came Down to the Woods Today... would have been spied on by
black ringed eyes of firewood pixies
...and a few other critters I expect too. would have seen fungus
bursting from the ends of logs
like orange popcorn.

...and red berries dangling from a tangle of grey branches
just waiting for the deer to pass by.

...and rings of tree bark being colonized by moisture loving organisms.

Or perhaps you would have noticed other things.


  1. were the teddy bears having a picnic...

  2. Lovely pictures. Its so easy to pass right by these little natural treasures - and then we would miss the whole magic of the forest.

  3. nature adorns need for things fancy...just simple color and a passing breeze.

  4. Even on a grey winter's day it is possible to find something bright and colourful!

  5. Thank you for these pictures of the winter woods...I miss them here in CA by the coast. There is so much to see in winter...I love the way the twigs change color...

  6. what a magical forest, the red berries are a surprise - what are they?

  7. Luckily the teddy bears were too busy munching further up the mountain to pay any attention to us!

    And Kaite - we have lots of red and black berries around for the deer and birds to gorge on. Those are probably elderberries.


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