Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Re-rooted and Apoligies for the Delay

First of all, the apology.
On Monday VERY strong winds and rain came hurtling through.
We had no power for 24 hours.
On our little acreage, we've lost 6 trees. Pictures tomorrow.
We got away lightly.
Things are bad further up the valley.
Some still don't have power.

This is what my second rooted piece looks like now.
I've been asked how the bottom darker section was done.
I took a piece of fabric probably about twice the width of what it is now.
Drew some wavy lines on the right side of the cotton.  This had to be chalk or something that can be removed.
Taking one line at a time...
I pinched a length of knitting yarn underneath each line...
Holding the yarn in place, I whip stitched along each line with embroidery floss.
So you are trapping the yarn in a fold of fabric.
This creates a pin tuck.
Once all the pin tucks were in place then it was machine stitched to a quilt batting.
Does that help?
If not, I could try and photograph the process.

Perhaps the bottom left close-up shows the pin tucks better.
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  1. Ignore my last email, you answered the question in this post. Thanks! Now you're the queen of machine (with some hand) stitched doodles!!

  2. Beautiful piece. Wonderful colors and textures. This technique you describe sound interesting... I am going to have to try it. Sorry to here about your awful weather.

  3. Beautiful. And glad you're electricity is back on. I know very well what's its like - we have a lot of outages up here in the hills, once for 5 days in deep snow and ice.
    A reminder of how dependent we are on utilities

  4. This is a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing the technique - hope you don't mind me trying it on something of my own. Stay warm!

  5. I'm amazed at how much you got done in so short a time. It's really beautiful - as always. I do like the combination of hand and machine work here.

  6. I'm so glad you guys have power again Penny. Winds like that can be a bit scary. We had a storm like that about 4 years ago and our whole town (and many surrounding towns also) was out of power. They had to bring in crews from the other side of the state to help the crews here to fix everything. We were without power for a week. Some people were out of power for nearly 3 weeks. Hundreds of trees down everywhere and no one was going anywhere for days. There was a church and a couple of restaurants on back-up power and they were overwhelmed trying to feed all the people coming there to eat. It was verrrry interesting. Fortunately, we were somewhat prepared as we had a large emergency kit available and all our camping gear was ready to access also. We made it. Evening was the worst though. i got tired of doing everything by candle-light. It made me think long and hard about my ancestors!

    LOVE your stitching. It's about the happiest piece of work I've see for awhile. It reminds me of "Spring Wild and Free" !

    ;~) Debi

  7. My God, how beautiful this is. Lovely little stitches, amazing colors and an oecan of imagination. I am speechless.

  8. absolutely beautiful, and thanks for the mini tute. now i know i definately have to do a week's class with you - when are you going to start online classes??
    sorry to hear about the trees, hope they didn't have little homes in them...k.

  9. Hi Pennny: glad you got your power back on, sorrry for your trees that are down, I know what damage windstorms can do to trees : (
    thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful technique and your piece is absolutely beautiful, love it !!!
    Hugs&Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  10. Wow - that must have been scary - so glad you're okay, although it's too bad about the trees. (Great mini-tute, btw!).

  11. I'm so glad someone else asked...I was intrigues and wondering the same thing. I'm so glad I found you. What you show is sooo inspiring. Thanks for being a faithful blogger. It really is immensely helpful :).

  12. Marvelous. Every single bit of it.

  13. p.s. your work, Penny, n.o.t. what the weather is throwing you...

  14. So beautiful, I love your stitching...
    Very windy here too, scary isnt it? Sad when the trees are uprooted. Three is a lot to lose on 6 acres.

    Stay safe.

    Jacky xox

  15. well...the colors, especially the
    bottom piece make me feel crazy
    happy looking at them and then
    the stitching... couldn't possibly be
    more beautiful.
    i really want to get to the place
    of being able to at least overdye
    to get some of this depth of color.
    allows the stitching to just dance.
    thank you for words about how you
    did it...


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