Monday, 13 December 2010

Rooting Around Again

The local SAQA group wants about 3 pieces from each of us for the Rooted show..........So here we go again.
Checked out some doodles...

Chose my fabrics, they are Egyptian cotton and no good for hand work.
Machined them together with some textures.
At this point it lay around my studio as I stitched on other pieces closer to my heart.
Will show you how it's developed since then, tomorrow.

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  1. Love the richness of the purple - and the stitching in it.

  2. ohhhhh, these fabrics are wonderful and the colors are my (current) favorite !!! can't wait to see your progress - love ALLLLL your work : ) how did the birdies love/like the cranberries ??
    Warmth and Light to you and yours in this beautiful Season : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  3. that's so clever, i wouldn't know where to even begin to stitch those textures. beautiful combination of fabrics too...k.

  4. great choice of fabrics and the stitching is beautiful.

  5. all, just beautiful, but that lower
    on the right makes me feel faint.
    tell some about it, could you???
    i will come again tomorrow,

  6. The rich colour and texture is amazing! I like the way the smooth area at the top, plays off the couching on the bottom. I'm also thinking that I need to start a piece with some unplanned,sculptural pintucks.

  7. I said couching, but I really meant pintucks. Are they stuffed with yarn or heavy thread?

  8. Really beautiful! Thanks for posting this! Best....Gloria

  9. WOW Penny this is really beautiful!
    Love the stitching on the dark purply section!!!

  10. Hello Penny, I was at your presentation tonight at the Annapolis Region Comm Arts program. It was so wonderful to see your work first hand and to see your slide show and hear your comments. I look forward to "chatting" with you through your blog. Rita


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