Friday, 3 December 2010

Workplace Safety

Three older pieces that gave me carpal tunnel! I got started creating these after seeing an old master's carefully preserved pallet. Dark wood encrusted with oil paints that had blackened over the years but still little shots of bright colour peeked through in places. To come up with that effect I laid leftover pieces of cotton, velvet, silk all over a firm background. There must have been 6 to 8 layers. Then I machined through the lot row upon row. The carpal tunnel problems started with the cutting through layers stage. This one above became a furrowed field with a couple of haystacks one being one of my wrappings.

Then I moved on to try out the effect of water lapping over land.

Then the wild child in me came out and I made this one for a hippie show. It's enormous by the way!  Oh, and it includes some wrapping and some areas of stitching.
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  1. I'm lucky enough to have seen these pieces in person. Well, at least I think that I saw all of them. Very lush and soft!! Also, I remember you sharing this technique at that last class in Newmarket. Great fun, but I agree, the cutting is a real pain in the patootie!!! Or for you, in the hand and wrist......probably right up to the elbow.....The chenille type of rotary cutters do work on the straight parts, but more trouble than they're worth for shorter stitched sections and some of the curves. I wish I remembered where I put that piece.....LOL!

  2. Oh my gosh - these are lovely. No beyond lovely! I long to reach out and touch them. The colors, the stitching - all of it goes together to make incredible fiber art. I'm sorry that you had to 'pay the price' for your art but I love it that you shared these with us.

  3. i can imagine the drape and feel of these across my lap--luxurious!

  4. love that last one. an unusual and beautiful take on making chenille type pieces.

  5. I love the soft chenille look to these. BTW, I am going to the One of a Kind this year - free tix.

  6. very pattable, i had to enlarge them to the max to understand what you did. you must have gone thru a few blades also. beautiful...k.

  7. Yes, Anne Marie you would have seen these. They were pre-move.
    Oh, and Penny, they are very heavy!

  8. Sigh...something more that I've wanted to try for a long time. Love how the colors flow.

  9. these are elegant...just elegant
    and the first one has given me
    energy to go on with my little
    stitching of the mountain "rats
    nest"..looking at the beautiful
    symetry of this piece...maybe i
    can find a little of that .....
    maybe....this makes me want to try


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