Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And so another Christmas Passes By

A green Christmas for the first time in years;
but the snow came eventually and left us without electricity for another whole day.
Brett came home!
 We were kept busy with parties and games, walks and cozy time in front of the fire.
Mark stayed in Toronto with Donna and her family but we had lovely talks over the phone lines.

Today I am alone, 
Brett and his father left for the airport before dawn on treacherous roads with high winds.
All went well, Brett is now in the air heading back to Toronto.
It's quiet in the house.
The wind is howling as the snowstorm continues.
Grateful for special time spent with family.
Happy to have a warm glowing fire keeping me company as I stitch for the first time in days,
waiting for my husband to get back home this afternoon.
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  1. Well, your pooches like the snow. Mine love to tunnel their noses through it and stop to get a bite while I freeze waiting for them to come back to the door to come in. Silly mutts!

  2. I'm glad that everyone is safe and that the power wasn't off for longer than a day. I certainly hope that you had lots of quilts, a nice, roaring fire and a backup generator. I'm sure the pups didn't notice!!

  3. Just look at those doggies, they seem to revel in it. Pleased everything went well and your family had a lovely catch-up time...k.

  4. Well, your dógs sure love the snow ....

  5. Carol...Oh, yes, the tunneling of the noses through the snow!
    AM...we're thinking of getting a bigger and better backup generator.
    Kaite...oh, yes they love it, they've been in and out all day long!
    Els...They are snow babies!

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely family Christmas....we did too. A bit quieter than normal, only six of us, but a beautiful day.
    Even though we didnt have a fire (mind you it was nearly cool enough) there was certainly a warm glow about the place the next day.
    Like you...I've been able to stitch again too.
    It was nice for your doggies that snow fell...play time!

    Jacky xox

  7. Glad that the roads were drive-able. No snow here but just a wee bit of blustery white stuff. Stay warm.

  8. Looks like the rusty pups are all ready to make snow angels! (Snow pups?). Stay warm!


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