Thursday 30 December 2010

Another Embroidered Bouquet of Flowers

My mother and I embroidered this together in the late 50's or early 60's...

It's still starched and beautiful...

Not many wrinkles in sight, despite the fact that it's not much younger than I am!

Happy to still have a piece I shared with my mother.
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  1. Beautiful embroidered bouquet, what a many memories in these pieces.

    I smiled at your comment, still all 'starched'. That brings back fond memories.

    Jacky xox

  2. I did this kind of embroidery years ago too. I didn't know my mother. When I was in jr high school I started my needlework journey. Relatives said I had a natural ability to embroider, as my mother did magnificent work. Later (when I was 40) I met my brother who gave me an unfinished piece my mother had worked on. She did magnificent work. Too bad we never worked on a piece together.
    You have a wonderful memory to cherish each time you look at yours.

  3. some beautiful embroidery. i have one piece that was embroidered by my mom but mostley pieces done by my grandmother. so nice to have these as remembrances.

  4. I have a number of pieces that were done by my grandmother. My mother was more into tatting, but not in the years after I was born. She seemed to lose interest in crafty things as she got older - too bad, because I would have liked to learn from her.

  5. I too have a piece that my mom and I both worked on. It's a needlepoint and I love it.


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