Monday, 6 November 2017

Rockin' and Rollin' Along With More Stones


More rustiness....
What is it about rust
that seems to catch my attention
when wandering stoney shorelines?

I used to stitch with machine
as well as hand
and lots and lots of colour.
People from here
who did not know me then
are so surprised when they see an older piece.
For some reason they see me only as a
grey/brown person!

The wild holly bushes
are weighed down with red berries this Fall
A harbinger of a hard Winter ahead?
The Newfoundland Robins will pass through
and feast on them
as will the deer when the snow is deep.
Brrr! Surely they would rather be warm
as would I!

Speckled grey
Reminds me the soft greys and browns of Winter
will soon replace Fall's
rich reds and oranges.

My favourite this week
Adorned with just a simple grey circle
we had a glorious yellow full moon last week.

Brings to mind wintery tweeds.
Funny how Winter is popping into every
comment this week.
It really is quite beautifully mild here!

This grey beauty
smooth to the touch
comfortably fills the palm of my hand.

'The Pebble in the brook secretly believes itself to be a precious stone'
Japanese saying

Let's all believe!


  1. Your backdrops are a lovely complement to the stones ... and I’m now tempted to do some archive mining to see more.

  2. lovely stones and thoughts this week, curious about the stitching in the background

  3. The rusts and the greys bring out the best in one another, don't they...

  4. I love your work with the stones! and the 'old' colorful too.
    Have a creative day!

  5. Interesting to see how your work has changed - lovely glimpses behind your pebbles. We have a cold spell here at the moment but the ground would dearly love a drink. Enjoy your week. xx

  6. Another fun post - I always like to see what you've done with the latest stones. Hard to believe it's nearly been a year. Now I am beginning to wonder what your plan will be for next year!!


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