Monday 27 November 2017

First Snow Blanket to Warm Winter's Stones

As Handy Hubby and his golfing friends 
watched snow create havoc with
Ottawa's Grey Cup last night
we laughed
But they got the last laugh 'cos
we woke up to our first snow covering this morning.

In honour of Winter's arrival
I decided on a white background.
This could be a favourite stone
Simply love that little patch of darning.

Just thought I had better go on a rock hunt
snow soon blankets everything
and I need stones to finish off the year.

This one could be a favourite too!

A funny thing happened this week.
If you who have been following my daily stitchings over the years
you will remember when my beautiful car was murdered
by mice.
Well....for the last month our Internet has been spotty
and this week we discovered 
that our connection to the outside world
had nearly been destroyed by.....mice!
Those little munchers had chewed through wires at the top of a pole on the road.
Nowhere is safe!

Sometimes just the fabric says it all
not a stitched is needed.

Oh, perhaps this is my favourite!
Just love that crosshatched look.

I suppose you can't tell
but this one is enormous and heavy
it could be my favourite too!

But really....
 we love all our children equally,
don't we.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations.


  1. It’s a good thing you reminded us that we love all children equally ... there’s no way I could choose between this crop of offspring

  2. You seem to have outdone yourself with these 'rocks', love the crosshatched rock.
    Sounds like you need some cats to take care of the mice!

  3. I LOVE your stones! Great idea for a year long project. I also enjoy your comments on each picture, personal and at the same time light, sweet and funny!
    Have a creative day!

  4. I love the idea of you going out on a stone collecting expedition!

  5. Another week of fun stones - do you see the creature in the fourth one? Perhaps a baby alligator? Or dinosaur?

  6. The fabrics, the hatching, the system, solar-e....
    The rusty, the rusching, the berries, back there...
    The dimple, the simple, the Clog I was aware...
    The old friend, the feelings, his birthday, your mon cheri....
    The hills, the clouds, the marshes, duo rusties!
    The brown, the gray, a dogs face I sees.....

    I haven't visited the whole month it would seem, so creative my comments must be!

  7. The stones stitching is quite wonderful. But I say, have you thought of getting a few cats?

  8. Always enjoy skipping stones in a textile way with you.


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