Friday 10 November 2017

Returning to an Old Friend

This week I picked up an old piece and popped it into the hoop
it is like welcoming back an old friend
Feels good

A few months ago I had decided it needed a rest.
The excitement had gone out of our relationship!
I had lost interest
and there I had other commitments for the show in Yarmouth.

This week it called out to me
and I am happy to be involved again.
My ideas for this piece and stitching in general
 have evolved over the last few months.
Taking a break has done us the world of good!
As a result I am thinking it will be a much better piece.
Our relationship is strong again.

Wishing you a close relationship with your fabric and thread!

Happy Birthday to Handy Hubby!
Gee whizz
both of us nearly forgot.


  1. Oh, that's very good news. Long may it continue!

  2. small celebrations, cloth and dear one, are wonderful.

  3. Loving those dots Penny! and happy birthday to your partner in life. xo

  4. I love this:

    "My ideas for this piece and stitching in general
    have evolved over the last few months."

  5. One can never trust losing interest! It has a way of popping up again with multiple force!

  6. Oh wow - I just finished extending birthday wishes to the RP's - and now it's Handy Hubby too. Hopefully there was cake! Glad to see the re-emergence of your cloth.

  7. Good news - taking a break is always a good idea. xx

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  9. Lovely way to put this need of time and then welcoming an old friend!
    enjoy celebration with your husband!

  10. A lovely piece, glad you are back to it! I admire your ability to take a break and then get back in gear


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