Wednesday, 8 November 2017

It's That Time of Year....

....When yellow grasses edge the marshlands
and breaks in the clouds above
light up orange hillsides.

....When fields, that not many days ago
were crowded with Canada Geese
resting on their journey southwards,
are now empty.

....When Mother Nature plays the drama queen
in a final attempt to keep Summer's colour in our lives.

....When cottonwool clouds scud across the sky
driven by warm winds from the south.

....When we have to memorize
that lime green of summer
and bear in mind it will be back.
That is for sure!

....When our beloved Rusty Pups turn another year older.
They are Halloween babies
and are ten years old now.
My goodness
Can you believe it!
They had just turned one
when I started on this blogging adventure.

Thank you all for baring with me!


  1. Autumn is lovely - if you're nicely wrapped up against the cold. Like the Rusty Pups!

  2. lovely photos! your geese have been flying by my place, I live 10 minutes from Lake Erie. I hear them flying over every day

  3. Beautiful, thank you. Happy birthday puppies.

  4. Belated happy birthday skritches to the RP's (and a congratulations on your blogging anniversary too).


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