Monday, 13 November 2017

Can a Stone be a Cloud?

Dimpled blemishes
for a dumpling of a pebble.

Don't you think this little thing
looks like it would rather be a mouse
scurrying through the grasslands in the background!

If a stone could be a cloud
this one would surely be one.

This one really tickles my fancy
perhaps because it is lying on a watery background
it seems to me it looks like Noah's arc.
Or perhaps a pair of clogs!

Such unusual markings
I haven't come across another like this.
Makes me think how individual we all are.
Each one marked differently by our life experiences.

Now, this individual is fed up and
wanting to exit stage left!
A bit lopsided...the photograph that is.

My favourite this week.
Just a little slither of a stone.


  1. Another great collection of stones today.

  2. always a joy to see what you made !
    have a good week, Penny

  3. Yes on the cloud stone...and I love the "wooden shoes"!

  4. Clouds, clogs, mice, and rushes in water - stones are astonishing!

  5. lol more wonderful rocks, love Noah's ark

  6. The cloth is a perfect match for the stone of unusual markings ... life maps

  7. it's always a wonder that every stone is so different, therefore all of your markings & stitches are different too. Beautiful!

  8. Ah, I love the clog! And the mouse one 'read' snail trail to me. As always, intriguing to see how you interpret each one.


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