Monday 20 November 2017

One Pebble at a Time

As I loaded up this week's stones onto Tanglewood Threads

I noticed how faded and low energy they look

Very grey

and minimal

Perhaps uninspired even.

And boy is that a reflection of how my week has been!
So strange

The one saving grace is this rusched
rock to end the week.
Things must be looking up!

As stones pile up on the studio windowsills
and despite my grey mood

the wild holly berries....

....are spectacular and abundant this year.

I hope this week brings you some red
some vibrancy.


  1. these rocks too, hold together the world

  2. Don't the holly berries pop against the grey stalks!

  3. It's a grey time of year so it's understandable that it would affect your mood and thus your creating. I love the ruched rock & hopefully the beautiful red berries will prove inspiring.

  4. Penny, your stitch work continues to fascinate and comfort me... and the photography you share is the absolute joy I look for with each click of the mouse that brings me closer to you...artist, mentor and friend. All so beautiful!

  5. interesting how a mood plays out in our work, it does for me- these are my grey days too, when I'm grey my eyes miss things, do love the rusching on the rock

  6. I imagine a flock of birds landing amidst the berries, bringing you joy on the wing

  7. I love your rocks and work and I wonder what becomes of the rocks once their job as inspiration ends?


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