Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Stone Markings for Halloween

Marking a grey stone with rusty coloured threads
One of my favourite colour combinations.

 Strange shape
Strange markings
Perhaps appropriate.... it being Halloween today.

Don't you think that stone
looks like a piece of crumpled paper?
It looks more delicate than my heavy handed interpretation
in this photograph.

And how about looking at the world upside down?
A boomerang from an Australian point of view!

This was fun
A bit like Tiptoeing over a brown speckled egg.

Considering the background painting,
I wish I had stitched my marks with rust again.

Have a great day
Put your mark on it!


  1. I think they are getting more and more way out. No time to stitch here I am still trying to find things after the move.

  2. I'm a big fan of mottled gray and rust...yours is the best yet!!

  3. You will probably find that your rendering of the crumpled-paper stone will seem less heavy handed when it is with all its friends!

  4. I agree that one stone looks like a wad of crumpled paper...but also think your rendering of all of them suits each as individuals. :-) Mark-making on this snow day, embroidering the motifs on a Social Justice Sewing Academy block...seed stitch, this afternoon.

  5. It's amazing to see how many stones are some variation on grey and rust. For some reason I would have thought that grey & black or even black & white would be more common. Proves I need to pay closer attention!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your paintings.

  7. As I looked at these it came to me that stones are maps of their own creation ... and I especially love the crumpled paper stone

  8. crumpled paper stone = a failed game of rock paper scissors?


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