Monday 4 December 2017

Stoney Beach Inspiration

And so December arrives

And speckled stones still dot our shorelines

Some stones look like the land
or perhaps a map of the land

But all stones reflect their life experiences
as do we

Some are cut deep beneath 
beneath barely visible scars

Some are so smooth
their life experience is barely visible

Others are fragile and so delicate
but often the strongest among us.

As they gather on our Western shores
they get to experience sunsets
like streaks of colour against soft grey skies

This streaky sunset in particular made me think of Mark's skies


  1. great stones! love the photo, hope you have a good week!

  2. Sunsets are always such a delight, aren't they!

  3. Another week of interesting interpretations of stones - always fun to see. And the sunsets (both photo and painted) are spectacular. We face the wrong way to see the sunsets now and I do miss them.

  4. Amazing sunset - God's Masterpiece. Each time I read your posts about stones, I reflect on my own searches and findings for interesting items. When my husband sees me picking up little rocks in our travels with our camper, he reminds me of the "Long, Long, Trailer" movie with Lucy and Desi. Ha!

  5. This is a stupendous undertaking, Penny! It is looking better and better! Can't wait to see more of it! The sunset IS glorious too. We've had a few beauties here recently too!


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