Wednesday 1 February 2017

Searching New Beginnings

I have to prepare five pieces for a show this summer
and as usual have been procrastinating
but now time is running short.
Better get started.
They all have to be a certain size
(don't you hate restrictions!)

My thoughts are to demonstrate all the colours
that can be achieved with plant materials.

So at the moment it is a matter of pinning
bits and pieces to the design wall.

Taking time and acting on that little voice
that says 'what if....'

For a couple of days I even acted on the "what if I I make a bunch more pebbles!"
But I don't like the result pinned up against a beige strip.
They still look best against the grey linen...which is a different project.

I think this last one will be the first to be basted together.
My second thoughts are to continue in the rocky theme
couching down rock outlines in an attempt to make
something that might look like a line drawing.
But of course things change as they evolve.


  1. Love all of your studies. Each could be a good piece. And yes, I hate restrictions.

  2. I LOVE the subtle colours, Penny, and the textures and stony shapes. So simple but so very effective! Always a pleasure visiting your blog!

  3. Pick the right restrictions, and sometimes they can help - but someone else's restrictions, maybe not so much!

  4. What a beautiful, natural grouping you have to play with. I'm looking forward to seeing it come together.

  5. i like the grey too, more movement, texture, visual-ness, like the rocks.

    i was just asking myself....what about grass stains? wondering if they are only possible to get with denim?

  6. I've always been of the belief that fabric speaks to you and tells you what it wants, if only we remember to be quiet and pay attention. I tried to pick a favourite from your samples and really can't - although I'm leaning towards the first photo. In the 3rd picture (at least on my computer) that bit of fabric on the upper left doesn't look like it's playing nicely with the rest. Not that I have ANY experience with such things and probably should just keep my question to myself!


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