Monday, 27 February 2017

Mind Wanderings Over Stone Pathways

Looking at this picture for some reason my mind
thought of Hopscotch.  
My goodness... the hours we played that as kids in the fifties.
Then I wondered if in fact I have any control at all
over my mind
it seems to wander wherever it wishes
without any control on my part.

I Love the minimalist nature of a few marks
on dark grey linen.

I think it is fair to say that most pebbles in these parts
are grey with some kind of white streak

A fringed divide between colours
makes me think of a grass skirt
perhaps dancing over it's own tiny stone pathway.

As you can see the pebble itself
is asking for a white streak
that little scrap of dyed silk is just too beautiful
for me to wreck with clumsy stitching
so it remains as it's own little gem.

Ah, this one I love
it makes me think of one of those old topographical maps
full of little symbols.
Symbols for marshlands, trees, mountains, towns
and many more I can't recall at the moment.
Or perhaps even more ancient rock markings.

This one is tiny
My scrap of silk was not quite the right colour
so it asked to be stitched all over to bring the colour closer.

Such a handsome stone
and silk velvet is way too beautiful to stitch over!

Apologies for my rambling thoughts

Our dear friend, Velma, died suddenly this week
We are filled with so much sadness
for her family and many friends.


  1. My sympathies for your loss.

    But your wandering thoughts are as interesting as ever.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. On another note, I am really loving your stones and the progress. What a great idea.

  3. You have the best looking pebbles and your stitching is stunning.
    I'm sorry for your loss of a dear friend.

  4. So beautiful in it's simplicity. I simply love what you are doing. I must start a freeform slow stitching project - I just don't know what.

    1. Kris let your surroundings tell you. Or your scrap basket. Or maybe the teeny tiny things that have fallen to the bottom of your junk drawer. Mine is a Daily Patch. Not nearly as fun as Penny's rocks...not nearly.

  5. today's rocky swoon is boulder sized. oh to be a fiber-rock-fairy, to flit among your stitching's.

  6. Hopscotch...yes...and I played it into the early sixties. If we had a "lucky" stone we kept it from game to game...I love your interpretations...

  7. I played hopscotch in the 40's, so long ago. Still loving your rocks. So sad to lose a friend.

  8. All beautiful ~ but my favourite is also your favourite, love the colour & markings.
    Sorry to hear your dear friend has passed away.

  9. I'mm loving the way your mind wanders! I too played hopscotch as a child. We even drew our squares in the middle of the street because we didn't have any of the traffic that there is about now. Great fun!!

  10. Penny. So sorry for your loss of a close friend. It leaves a hole in our lives for sure.
    I have a question concerning your stitching ...which I love! Do you use a hoop when you do hand stitching? Big hugs for you, Lynda of London [lol]

  11. Never stop your ramblings that turn to inspiration to me. And I am so sorry for the loss of your close friend. May comfort and peace come your way.

  12. Well, I've clearly missed a lOT of inspiration on here. So good, these stitched stones!

  13. I'm so sorry about your friend...for you and for her family. Friends are precious and it's normal to be sad.


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