Tuesday 14 February 2017

What to do on a Stormy Winter's Day

Watch and listen to the wind through icy windows.
And the wind was vicious.

Try and play with your new camera
to get it to focus on icy windows
and not the swirling snow outside.

Then get it to ignore ice covered windows
and find the cardinals
searching for food amidst the storm.

This morning the Rusty Pups and us
just have to wait patiently to be ploughed out.
The driveway is beneath a lot of snow!

The best part of a snowy day
is stitching in front of a cosy fire.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
    I'm so enjoying watching these rocks come into the world through your stitching...beautiful!

  2. Snow neck deep on a retriever? No wonder the cardinals are looking a little glum!

  3. ...... stitch !!!
    (I thought so too )
    Happy snowy Valentine, Penny

  4. Thanks for the photos! Nice to know we aren't the only ones with snow today! Cheers on this cold Valentine's Day

  5. Beautiful photographs and I love your cardinals. xx

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, a day late. I know the "buried in the snow" feeling. And the "waiting to be plowed/dug out" feeling. Looks like you got a whole bunch of snow, maybe more than we got a few weeks ago. I love to watch the progress of your stitching. You are doing great. You inspire me, but not too much. I'm a week behind in posting to my new blog. Not to worry, I'll catch up with you soon.

  7. Penny, I can't wait til your emails arrive. The rock piece is evolving magic!
    The cardinals do have a knack for making feel guilty being warm and fed inside.
    Windy snow here in London but not a storm nor vicious just mischievous. It is garbage day and all the recycle paper is journeying down the street!

  8. Love your snowstorm pics, especially the large cardinal. We don't have cardinals here in the Pacific Northwest. Stunning RED on white!

  9. Amazing photos & beautiful stitches.

  10. Happy Valentine's Day several days late. Oh, I would have wanted to open the window and let the cardinal in. Not sure how the Rusty Pups would feel about that though. Beautiful pictures!

  11. I think you handled a snowy day quite well ! Great photos and whilst looking at your stitching, could almost feel the warmth of your fire ;)


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