Monday, 13 February 2017

Tripping Over One Mighty Rock Amidst the Pebbles

Stone circle
Now that I see this photographed
 it needs a few more stitches. 

Can you tell this is not just a pebble
It's a mighty rock
The biggest so far

 Practically round

Playing around with silk chiffon.

Another pebble with a hole
Also known as a Hag Stone
 Holey Stone
or Witch Stone
and many more names from ancient Britain.
It is said that if you look through the hole
with one eye closed
you will see the world of Faeries.

Frequently my rendition
just doesn't do nature justice.

Sometimes a short length of rusted string
comes in handy.

This should give you a better idea of the size
of my mighty rock! 

Hope you are ready for Valentine's Day
One thing I don't seem to have 
is a heart shaped pebble.
I know they are out there.


  1. I think your pebbles are so great.

    p.s. I have a heart shaped box that contains the heart shaped pebbles my children collected for me when we visited beaches. x

  2. Your rocks 'rock'!!! I love each and every one of them.

  3. This is such a wonderful series ... gathering, whether it be rocks, shells, or driftwood, has always made my heart lighter. I especially like the stitches in your mighty rock, which read like a topographic map.

  4. I just love this year's project. Fantastic!

  5. Your rocks are getting more and more interesting.

  6. I so enjoyed this post...quite amazing how you can look at a pebble or rock and know just how to reproduce it with thread and cloth!

  7. Beautiful stitches and work!

  8. Hag stone - I've never heard of that term, nor had I heard the legend. It is always a good day when you learn something!

  9. Yikes, that is a substantial stone - more of a small boulder than a pebble!


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