Monday 20 February 2017

Tiptoeing Through Stone Pathways

 All pebbles in these parts are now
under four feet of snow.
I am going to have to start digging
to gather seven pebbles for next week!

 Another pebble around a hole!
Actually, just realized it is kind of heart shaped.




More speckles.
Makes me think
I never see speckled eggs anymore
Where did those speckles go?

A stone in my pathway
is covered in pathways!

 I think that someone in olden times
has worked the edges of this arrowhead pebble
to shape it or sharpen it.
It certainly would have existed then
but I'm probably wrong.

Having been marooned in the house
for five of the last six days
I've had enough of snow
Cabin fever is setting in!


  1. It might very well have been sharpened and tweaked, that pebble.

    And the one with a hole in - weren't they called "hagstones", once upon a time?

  2. The stone pathway is so beautiful and your interpretation of each pebble with cloth and embroidery is excellent.

  3. I just love how you interpret these pebbles...last one magnificent.

  4. Your pebbles are wonderful and I love that you made
    a whole pathway out of them !
    Wow .... that one with the hole and the dimples is
    special !

  5. There is a paw print in the first one.

  6. Your interpretation of the stones is very clever. Very good photos

  7. Oh my gosh Penny! What a wonderful daily practice & how visually stunning are your pebbles! I absolutely LOVE them! Cant wait to keep popping into your blog to catch up on how they are going!

  8. Dear Penny, I am a geologist by training and your work fascinates me. I can not believe the variety of pebbles that you can collect where you live! And I never thought that stones could be so full of poetry.

  9. Such a pleasure and wonder to discover each new pebble.!I love what you see and how you give them a second life through your sewing and embroidery. Félicitations !

  10. These are all so wonderful!!! You've given me a new way of looking at the rocks/stones that sit here on the shelf behind my computer. This is a marvelous adventure and I'm so thankful that I can follow along.

  11. Your pebbles are looking amzing all together. What a wealth of inspiration right beneath our feet. xx

  12. Good luck with searching thru the snow for your pebbles. Maybe Spring is on it's way to you, I saw the first red leaf on my ornamental grapevine this morning.


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