Monday, 6 February 2017

Stone Pathways Move into February

A pathway transitioning into February.
I have decided to add a strip indicating the start of a new month.
The next decision will be whether to stitch 'February' onto that strip.
If I do so, it should be subtle.
Only read when close up.

This was the day I turned seventy came so quickly...scary!
I tell you because there is another decision I have to make.
Do I indicate anything on those eventful days.

This is the smoothest, purest stone I have.
So beautiful in it's simplicity.

Some markings just cling to the sides of rocks.

Now, this would be a perfect pebble to skip across water.
Last year my son Mark and I tried showing two year old Ashley how to throw those flat stones across the water.
Maybe we will have more luck this summer!
Love those frayed edges.

I feel this pebble must have been born on a cloudy day.

Nature stained this stone with iron
I stained mine with leaves.

Just cute!

Stones and pebbles are taking over my life!
I've made many more pebbles
and played around on the design wall.
They just seem to fit with the natural dyes.


  1. These are gorgeous. Almost pebble portraits!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I am 6 years ahead of you so I can tell you that the 70's are great!!! So too are your stones. I just LOVE this project and you are creating such wonderful 'stone replicas'. Perhaps we could say that you are in the 'stone' age this year *smile*.

  3. BD Blessings to you! Your pebbles are wonderful.

  4. Welcome to the 70th decade...I'm in already at 73. The earth stories contained in these simple rocks...beautiful!

  5. 78 this year, a bit scary, happy birthday. Love what you are doing with your stones.

  6. Dear Penny hope you had a special day on your birthday, wish you all the best in the days ahead. Yes to marking your special day...a mark of being thankful that you are still doing what you love! As always, in awe of your creations. I have a blackish stone with a white mark circling the stone, it sits on my desk, I often pick it up and run my fingers it's smooth surface and think of you & your stones.

  7. Thunk! That brown and ecru-spots one...the dark red, the smooth white, the white lines....are you sure you sure you haven't been skulking around my yard? How is it we can have rocks that resemble one another, but are from 2 totally different coastlines?

    I marked my 60th with stitches...on my Daily Patch. I also added the letters/word, "G H day" in running stitch on the 2nd. It's visible, but not jumping off the fabric. Or do the months in a different language. Like Latin? "Februarius"? Or Greek...Φεβρουάριος humm....

  8. Beautiful pebbles and you should definitely mark an occasion like that on your pebbles. I hope you had a lovely day, congratulations. xx

  9. Oh wow, what a beautiful path your following / making here!

  10. Love the stones. Amazing how different they are, once you start looking. It was my husband's birthday as well.

  11. Bon Anniversaire!!!Pour moi qui vais avoir 58 cette année, il reste encore 8 ans à travailler avant de faire tout ce qui me plait!!


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