Monday, 30 January 2017

Stone Pathways Week 4

Seven more pebbles
Already just about a month into this new year.

Pale grey pebbles streaked in white are one of my favourites.

I don't have many white pebbles.
Will have to gather some more for this project.

One of my pebbles is surprisingly purple.
Even more surprisingly I found a piece of grey/purple silk
dyed with a multitude of leaves including Sumac.

French knot speckles.

Now that four weeks are done 
me thinks it is time to attach them to a backing
and start on the embroidery ideas rumbling around in my head.
If I don't get started soon
more time will pass
and all of a sudden this will have grown so big
that adding more embroidery will become
a large intimidating challenge!
Plus at my age those stitching ideas
will evaporate
if I don't act on them right away!

I love all the daily stitching and weaving, etc
that is going on nowadays.


  1. swoon....or perhaps the rocky equivalent...thunk...tink....

    and there will be more stitching added to this? oh my!

  2. love it! who would have thought that rocks are just like people ~ different shapes & different colours!

  3. oh my goodness, I love them when they are massed together. All the same, but each unique - so very unique. xo

  4. They do look great all together like that. Yes, a whole month has gone past already! xx

  5. Yes, large pieces can be hard to manage, just simply in terms of volume. But your pebbles are looking so happy together!

  6. this is just beautiful. i so admire people who work with thread and stick..I am a raggedy sewer, paint and word are my medium but I do love admiring your work and others.

  7. your pebbles are a joy to see.

  8. Love this. I wish I were making this :)


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