Monday, 6 March 2017

Stone Pathways Week Nine and a New Month

Such a lovely rock to handle
It fits in the hand perfectly
Cool, smooth and heavy
with surprising cracks running over the surface
and a small rusty blob.

I like the simplicity of this one
Minimalist but beautiful.

Moving on to the ugliest one so far!
Afraid I just didn't do this one justice.
I wanted to add a bit of colour and contrast
but it really didn't work!

Another one with a rusty stain.
This one I like.

This must be the week for cracked pebbles!

 This one too, I didn't do it justice.
Should have been more subtle.

Now, this one I love.
The stone is still stained with mud
so I decided to use a brown linen
just to bring in another colour.

Nearly a perfect sphere.

The Rusty Pups love my studio too.
They find a spot among the baskets and basins tumbling over with scraps.
They like it even better if something has tumbled out of those baskets
'cos they can rest their noses on it!

Pebbles are happily lining up for their turn.


  1. The cracks are intriguing, aren't they... And isn't it interesting to see how different the pebbles are, even when they are clearly the same sort of rock!

  2. So many beautifully rounded rocks ... and such a variety of mineral compositions. They remind me of the cobbled stones I used to pick up on Shelter Island, which resulted from glaciers that gathered up rocks throughout New England and deposited the rounded results on the moraines that became Long Island.

  3. What wonderful rocks you are collecting and then stitching. I love each and every one of them but the ones with the cracks are especially appealing to me.

  4. Penny, these small works are AWESOME... the stones are taking on a whole new life with your fibre and stitch, and I do like the bits of colour here and there. We see that as we walk the paths and beaches and who better than you to remind us of the line, shape, colour, value and dimension. Really loving your new work!
    Bethany xxo

  5. Your work makes me want to look at pebbles in a different way but I'll wait until the weather improves.... and then there's leaves.

  6. An "ugly" stone...never! I am so loving your stone pathways. What fun to see a simple pebble in fiber and stitch!

  7. I've been woefully missing from the blogworld, but am on the sofa with a sinus thing, with time to check in. So glad to see these lovely stones, both mineral and stitched. I'm going to skip back down the path here and see what I've missed. :)

  8. Are you sure they aren't the marks left by a Norse God trying to cleave the stone in half?

    My dog does the same, lays on every item I lay down to take pix of. The cat sits on the collages I am making for my granddaughters. Even if they are in my hands being stitched.

  9. Your work makes me look at things differently now. Such a wonderful year long project.

  10. Oh wow - just look at that pile of inspiration! Even better is your studio helper (skritches from me, please).

  11. these stones are really fabulous. i love the way you are stitching their characters.


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