Thursday, 24 November 2011

Winter's Heavy Hand

On Monday I walked the dyke coatless and photographed long willowy grasses.
On Tuesday I bundled up and photographed icy puddles.
Yesterday I couldn't even get to the dyke.
It snowed
and snowed
and snowed all day long.

The rusty pups and I played outside.
taking a chance on not becoming snow-pups or a snow-woman.
For if we stood still long enough we would surely have been buried.

Inside the studio things are also very white.
I have to make another Christmas tree for our
Community arts Centre fundraiser.
I nearly forgot.
This year I decided on a white tree and time is short.


  1. wow. i got chilled just looking at your photos. stay warm.

  2. Thanks for this wintry scene - it made me think of mitten drying by the fire, hot chocolate and cookies - not to mention a very heavy winter coat and really warm gloves and hat!

  3. ho ho let it snow. i love the look - all white. in the city it just is gray...white last for a fleeting moment and then shoe prints, then the shovels, then the slat, then the dirt that filters the flakes and no more beauty...gray...i could easily stay in the woods, in a cabin and just view, view, view...the rusty dogs look happy too.

  4. Glad you got it and not me!!

    Its the time of the year to remember what we are grateful for..even if its living another day to see ...snow.

  5. ha hah, dogs with white stitches, how funny.

  6. I like when it snows, it makes me feel all warm inside. Unfortunately we do not get a lot of snow here in Florence, I will have to come and visit!

  7. ha! oh my, penny! i'm so pleased we are not getting the white stuff just yet (all our last bit has finally melted)...though the cruel weatherman has been threatening us with some...

  8. The only thing that makes these pictures pretty are the rusty pups - I hate snow and being cold. Yuck. Maybe if I had some rusty pups I'd be happier with the whole idea?

  9. Such a pleasure for me to see that beautiful snow and I remember your beautiful tree from last year and look forward to seeing the white wonder.

  10. Brave girl, and brave rusty pups. Snow is lovely to look at, not so nice to be out in!


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