Monday, 21 November 2011

Up the Quarry Road

The rusty pups and I walked up the quarry road.
It's way too windy for the dyke walk.
At least here the trees protect us a bit.

 Before going for walks we usually frisk Rusty pup Shandy
checking for tennis balls she might smuggle along on the trip.
I missed this one!

We stumbled upon some rusty stuff.
I tried to pry it loose from a mountain of rocks
but it held firm.
Wonder if we have wire cutters large enough to free up some.


  1. Look at the wind in their hair! aw Mum, one tennis ball isn't going to hurt anyone.....
    and yes those gaps bothered me too, tho the bedrm door faced north, our better side.

  2. i like how your pups have such livliness in your pics, and the rusty cables have a bit of that same rust in their surfaces.

  3. Kaite Yup it was windy. About the balls...when we go for a walk we want to walk and look at nature not throw darned tennis balls! She would catch balls all day long given the chance. The trouble is she never brings them back!

    Velma...Yes they don't sit still for long!

  4. Intriguing shapes and textures in your rusty rope photo.. Do we feel some explorations coming on?

  5. Take some fabric back there next time and wrap the coils!maybe coils tucked way under, so they are less visible to other walking textile folks! Left in situ to weather, who knows what effects you will achieve lol

  6. I like Linecat's idea :)
    They look so cute with the wind in their hair :)

  7. I'm with liniecat - in this case it's probably a good idea. Safer too, if those lines happen to be 'live'. Rusty pups blowing in the wind - beautiful!

  8. lovely to see rusty like my sons dog. Lovel;y breed aren't theyxxlovely rusty bits..sighx


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