Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thinking out Loud

As I stitch another layer onto the back of the rusty gate...

 I arrange my new fabrics on the wall and ponder what to do with them.

There seems to be two definite families.

Perhaps they belong together.
Perhaps they don't.
Is there one large piece here or many small ones?
Is there something completely different to be done with them?

But then there is also the feather piece I need to start
and this lovely rusty piece from a while back...

...which could be a fading Queen Anne's Lace.... perhaps.

So many ideas
Not enough time in the day to tackle them all at once.


  1. I guess the trick is to start with the one that shouts "Pick me! Pick me!". Certainly making progress on something that hasn't come to life can be a serious struggle..

  2. Oh I know this feeling! Love so much of this...especially the little bird hiding amongst the rest.

  3. I can relate... and at present, when my life is mostly consumed with the building of the new studio, art ideas are relegated to the "later, when everything is done" category. So many ideas pile up in that file. Not to mention the "how I will set up, decorate, enchant the studio" idea file - phew, THAT one is bursting, too!

    I love the two rusty cloths, the radial one is quite delicate.

  4. so many beautiful cloth pieces. i have the same problem and decided just to keep gathering with my dyeing experiments. when some new project comes to mind, it will be wonderful to have all these dyed pieces to choose from.

  5. whew.
    Sooo much beauteous cloth in this post, Penny, how do you sleep?!?!

  6. Rachel...Yes that's the only way to go about it.

    Thanks Deb...More birds might appear!

    Valerianna...Your new studio is already looking inviting and inspiring.

    Deanna...I'm tempted to continue dyeing but need to get stitching right now.

    Sweetpea...I do try to sleep because lots of ideas pop up in my dreams, but you know that too.

  7. Sometimes making that first cut or tear can be very daunting -- I know you'll create some very beautiful cloth with these.

  8. Loving all your rusty inspirations at the moment....glad you are spoilt for choice :-)

  9. If only we didn't have a need for sleep and food, we could accomplish much of what we carry around in our hearts! Love your wee almost hidden bird amongst the rusty colours.

  10. Love that rust burst! And that little bird is a charmer!

  11. I love all the natural prints you have and I like how you've hung them up. Maybe a large piece made from these bits would be good.

    It's difficult to know how to use the eco printed fabrics. I can relate. And these are so beautiful.

  12. everything has been said..so.....gorgeousxx


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