Thursday, 16 December 2010


Three trees uprooted in one fell swoop during Monday's storm.
Can you see the two trees on the left were just sitting on a couple of boulders?

Our huntress.

Our ball obsessed pup.

"Pleeeeeeease pick up my ball and throw it somewhere, anywhere!"
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  1. We have had more that one ball obsessed dog. The dog I had when I was a teen was the best/worst...we would throw a ball over the house. She would run around and catch it on the first bounce. Back then they had rubber balls that you would NEVER give to your dog today. She would drop a piece of it in front of you...look at the piece...look at you...look at the piece...waiting for you to throw that little piece of ball.

    Thanks for bringing back memories of a long lost friend.

  2. I'd throw a ball for that face!!!

    Too bad about the trees, but then again, it's all about renewal. Perhaps that could be your next art piece.

  3. i'm always amazed when i see these huge trees with such shallow root systems. i worry about the one in front of my house. it is huge and if it fell, it would crush my whole house.

  4. I hate to see trees come down - even though I know its part of the natural world. Still its hard to see. Of course now there's more room to throw the ball *smile*!

  5. well don't keep us guessing as well - did you pick up the ball and throw it? k.

  6. It's frightening when you see the roots of the trees so close to the surface. It's no wonder strong winds blow so many down. It's sad though. I'll come throw that ball for the rusty pups - anytime!!

  7. I love that look of intense concentration...


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