Friday, 10 December 2010

For the Birds

This morning I beaded cranberry necklaces for the birds....

They're dangling from the trees and I'm wondering if birds like cranberries!
Now I'm going to warm my fingers by the's freezing out here.
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  1. if i were a bird, i'd want to live in your backyard.

  2. what a fantastic idea! and even if the birds decide they don't like cranberries, they look lovely and festive hung up and are doing no harm.

  3. OoH, Let me know if they do. They probably will. I always put ripe fruit out and they love it. Heck, the squirrels eat our pumpkins!!

    Look at those dogs!! Just waiting to double team SOMETHING!!

    Merry Christmas

  4. Deanna - |The husband reckons we must have the fattest birds in the neighbourhood!

    Carrie: I agree, that red just pops and brightens up the soft grey browns of the tree.

    Carol: do you string up the fruit or just put it on a feeder? I'm interested in keeping the raccoons away!

  5. the pups are waiting to spring on any bird that dares feed! the necklaces look very festive, christmas lunch for the birds! we have a car hire coy down here called "no birds" - i've never figured it out...k.

  6. Wonder if the rusty pups like cranberries? We put things out for the birds here and never get a single bird, other than the odd mourning dove. Squirrels, on the other hand, are rampant.

  7. I've tried cranberries for the birds and not had much luck getting them to eat them. Now one of the dogs, yes, she'll eat them.

  8. So far, not a soul has touched the cranberries - not even the dogs!


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