Friday, 17 December 2010

Clowns of our bird world


"You lookin' at me?"....

"You're still watching"...

"Think I'll hide in the bushes!"
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  1. This looks like a different variety of jay than we have here. Our Blue Jay is a pain in the butt and heaven forbid there is a nest anyway near because the will swoop down and peck the heck out of you screeching the whole time. I still feed em though ~lol~ love em all.

  2. looks like he just took a bath in the first pic.

  3. Definitely a scruffy looking jay... I like corvids - jays, crows, ravens.... such intensity, I like that.

  4. I love Blue Jays. They are so full of life and have great personalities along with their cousins! I loved feeding them in the winter when we had our property.

    ;~) Debi

  5. so that's a blue jay? shiboried in indigo, lovely markings...k.

  6. Your "Root piece" is wonderful and thank you for the explanation. I take it the "root spiral" Is a rooled up strip of cloth ??
    That Jay bird is fabulous.
    We have a similar one in Holland called "Vlaamse Gaai" : light brown and only a tiny speck of the same heavenly blue on its wings! It visits our string of peanuts!!
    Always hoping it sheds a little blue (magic) feather .... haven't been lucky so far !!! ;-)

  7. Our jays here in North Carolina are not this delicious blue color. However we do have 'indigo buntings' which are sooo blue that they mesmerize me when I see them.

  8. Is it my imagination or are these jays much smaller than the ones we get in Toronto? Noisy things aren't they? But they do love their peanuts.

  9. Same size as Toronto Blue Jays, just as noisy but they don't play baseball!


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