Monday, 1 May 2017

A Week that Rocked!

Having spent the week painting with
the amazing Wayne Boucher
and a talented bunch of artists
I am amazed my stones got done!

A white beauty stained and scarred.
I certainly got stained hands and clothes
at painting this week
at my age am certainly scarred!

All week long as we painted we were
constantly told
to turn our paintings to get fresh perspectives.
So why not turn a photo upside down.
I think this is my favourite this week.

At one point our wise master interrupted me
and suggested I insert a tiny amount of pink into a painting.
I think my exclamation of surprise
got the message through that pink was not my colour.
So in honour of Wayne
here is some pink.

This black beauty could really be a talisman
that I might carry with me wherever I go.
Which makes me think
as I handle these stones individually
I am getting very attached to them.
I am pondering whether to scatter my stones on the floor
when Judy and I hang our show at
The Mary E. Black gallery next year.
However, I might not be able to leave quite a few of them there!
They are becoming my heart.

The embroidery behind Stone Pathways this week
was stitched under the strict supervision
of the nuns at the convent in Belgium
when I was about nine years old.

Oh, look.....more pink!


  1. You have been busy, do we get to see the paintings?

  2. pink! lol i love this group, always been interested in rocks

  3. Maybe you will come to love pink - after all these years!

  4. I miss seeing photos of the pups.

  5. how can a stone be half one element and half another? [the upside down one]

    yes taking some, lots, all of the rocks and stones to the exhibit would be good for those who don't speak "rock", and to give everyone a visual of how 'stoned' you were for a year....

  6. I envie your rocky paths ...

  7. So inspirational. I think I like this week's the best, but then, you will come up with more lovely rocks and stitching in the weeks ahead. My grandmother went to boarding school in Belgium. I believe my itch to create came from her.

  8. Yes, more pink is always good. Love these rocks and your stitching.

  9. Your favorite is my favorite. I love the colors and design. Sounds like you had a great tie painting -- its always good to get a bit 'messy'!!

  10. Lovely to see the beautiful stitches under these new beauties...time travel. I too struggle with seem to have mastered pink to stone.

  11. I'm with the 'master' on the pink...and think you've employed it masterfully! :-)

  12. I so look forward to your Rock posts! I enjoy looking at the details on the rocks...who would have thought rocks can be so different & see your beautiful interpretation

  13. I'm with you in not liking pink, but have to say that it does have its uses sometimes. Another nice selection of stones this week!

  14. stones becoming your heart. love this.

  15. Penny, I think this might be one of your master works - I am going to email you more about it xoo


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