Friday, 19 May 2017

Pups and Ducks

If there is a ball in the mouth
you know it is Rusty Pup Shandy

Every year a pair of black ducks nests across the pond.
We love observing them
They are quite comfortable with the Rusty Pups
Several times a day the male escorts the female onto our lawn
and stands guard as she feeds
two of them come and feed
on our very damp lawn.
This morning was different
the female just sat as still as she could 
in another part of the garden.
I was worried
didn't let the dogs out
but she eventually wandered back to the pond
so the RP's and I followed.

This morning she stayed on the pond
and the male was at the other end of the pond
This is different
So we assume she must have had her babies yesterday.
Now, when we get to close
she quacks at us
and if she is really worried
the male takes flight and circles overhead.
The babies must be close by.
soon they will be in the water and shepherded down the stream
past the beaver lodge and into the Annapolis Basin.
There they will grow up
and finally fly south when the days shorten.
I must say I would like to follow the sun too!

Rusty Pup Kayla 
will keep a close eye on them
but we often miss seeing the babies
float downstream huddled together like a raft.
The thing is their colouring really camouflages them
against the dappled brownish water.

That's enough wildlife for the day, Mom
Can we go in now?

Pleease let us in
it must surely be time for another meal.

spiralling energy
wishing those ducks safe travels.


  1. Your spiral does look full of energy!

  2. Love this story Penny... thank you for sharing your life and love of your area and it's stories and the pups with each of us! bethany

  3. Wonderful to read about the ducks but you know my heart lies with those amazing Rusty Pups!!!!

  4. And, 'past the beaver lodge', how special to have a beaver home in your back yard! Love your spiral!


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