Monday, 22 May 2017

Moving on Like a Rolling Stone

Funny how some of us are
are bedecked and bejewelled
and beautiful

Some of us are plain janes
and beautiful

Some of us are a bit ruffled
and beautiful.
This rusched piece of silk
caught my eye
very textured and very floppy
but I wanted to make sure the edges were smooth
so stitched it to a light-weight background
pinned a strong linen on top
and performed reverse applique.

Some of us are blotched
and beautiful.
This photo doesn't give any hint of
the stone's pale shape
but it's there
and I took great pains to choose the tiny piece of silk!

Some of us bear scars
and are beautiful

Some of us like cake
and are beautiful

Some of us try to make ourselves into copies of others
....not so beautiful!
I haven't yet mastered those stones
with beautiful smokey  markings.
Perhaps next week.

Happy Victoria Day Canada!


  1. Love those jeweled stones.

  2. lovely, how many have you done so far?

  3. What a great solution for the rusched silk ... I really like the dimensionality

  4. The reverse applique to give the ruched silk a smooth line is an ingenious and highly successful solution - well done!

  5. Hi Penny, very beautiful work and the musings are thought provoking too! Really love your work. It's so earthy and heart warming. I feel so transported from my asphalt jungle NYC to your NS world surrounded by all finds of natural wonder. I am moved.

  6. Lovely post Penny. Beautiful 'heart' shape stone and I love the ruched silk. xx

  7. Bringing to life the small, natural things that surround us is a gift! Thank you for sharing these beauties with us.

  8. such an eye for detail, you do have! Beauty all around.

  9. What an amazing array of stones! Seeing all the ones you are using for inspiration has given me a whole new appreciation for stones and all their differences.

  10. the scarred rock looks like a small print Jude used in her latest. I mentioned it to her and spelled your name wrong, left off the S. i am sorry.

    anyway, it made me think of those 'degrees of separation'.

  11. I've just caught up on your wonderful stone stories. Cant get over how many of them look like confectionary!!


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