Monday, 24 April 2017

Rock Gardens

A stone can perhaps look like a bear

A stone can perhaps look like Google Maps

A stone can be a near perfect sphere
that fits the palm of your hand

A stone might perhaps be a maze

A stone marked with the spiral of energy
would surely be a special stone.

Or perhaps it might be a delicious layered cake
with a bit bite taken out of it!

And finally a stone might become invisible
or at least lost.
Has anyone seen a strange little stone covered in black dimples?

Since Spring is supposedly here
This week I laid the stones on a flowery tablecloth 
embroidered in my childhood.

Don't miss an opportunity to stitch!


  1. What a wonderful collection - and somehow, they look very happy with your embroidered tablecloth as a background!

  2. gosh Penny, these stitched stones of yours hold "The Muchness" as the Mad Hatter said to Alice

  3. Of course I love the background this time! And I must say that I love the way you are able to interpret the patterns in the stones...each one is so different and unique.

  4. I think I saw a Pink Penguin in your mappish rock....and I am pretty sure your dimpled stone is lurking in my yard.....I am still laughing over the bitten stone. Each one, the stones and your fiber creation, speak to me. The stories they tell....

  5. Rocks in the flower garden - lovely!

  6. amazing...each rock is different and has it's own beauty, just as we humans are different and have our own beauty....we just have to open our eyes and really just stop, look, and appreciate. Thank you for giving us a closer look at the beauty of the rocks & your stitches.

  7. ove the soft and the hard of these images.


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