Monday, 15 May 2017

A Forgotten Stone

Mmmm....a slice of pizza perhaps.
Well, my version of this beauty....not the handsome agate!

Must have food on my mind this week
because I thought walnut coffee cake!

Tracking across the surface
Tiny footsteps

A beautiful and fascinating stone
a gift from Diane
all the way from the Baja Peninsula
I need to go back in and add those pink specks.

Plain Jane
and quite small
You don't really get an idea of how big or small
some of these are until
you see them all together.

A bit late for Easter!
And this is the 'forgotten' stone
because as I photographed it I realized
I hadn't stitched any of the markings.
Will have to go back into this one too.

I just love this little pebble
just because of the fabrics and tiny lumps of stitches
being perfect in my mind's eye.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Oh my gosh, a bevy of 'boulders' -- well they probably were boulders once upon a time. I love the Baja stone - that must have been fun to work as the 'design' is so obvious.

  2. What a beautiful stone your gift from Diane is. xx

  3. That's a fascinating swirl in that stone there...

  4. i sit here looking at each stone, making little sounds, like sighs, and oooo's, and yes!, and.....then i look at your version of the stone...

    seriously....i make the same sounds over yours. you know i love them.

  5. My favorite today is the stone with the Tiny Footsteps stone with the fossil swirl embedded in it. Your matching stitched stone captures everything perfectly. Great stitching.

  6. Yes, I agree with Marrianna,...the stone with tiny footsteps and the magical inner circle/oval is my favourite. But the stone from Diane is rather special with it's fancy markings!

  7. The stone from Baja is wonderful - such an interesting swirl pattern and those tiny pink specks throughout. I like that one!


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