Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pink Rocks!

This is the fourth piece for a show this summer
It has been up on the design wall for about a month!
All of a sudden, one day this week
I knew what to try.....Pink!
A discharged fabric with hints of pink was ripped into strips
and pinned up into rock-like shapes.
I like that.
So then.... more pink.
That little scrap of silk
a rare pink from natural dying last summer.

Decided the rock shapes looked too perfect
so cut out a section.

 Then.... a day later
after discharging all morning
the new discharge had to be auditioned.
But the pink was overwhelmed.... got removed.
This one I like.
But let's take it a bit further

 Let's try even more discharge. much weight on the left side now.
Going back to version three.
No pink in sight.....

....but I do have pink thread!

So I am stitching

Six more rows of pink
then it will go up on the design wall gain
to see what is needed next.
As I mentioned this is the fourth of five
Last one soon.
They need to be finished by the time I go and visit
these two little munchkins

Happy pink days!


  1. I love the pink stitching Penny. xx

  2. All of a sudden, you're seeing pink everywhere!

  3. I love pink -- wear it all the time! It works perfectly on this 'rock'. I didn't know you had a 'new grand baby'. Lovely!!!

  4. Ahhhhhh ... thát's why ... pink ... ;-)

  5. So totally blessed you are Penny and yes, pink rocks are very appropriate, considering! Being Gramma is a wonderful adventure and this new child is a special little sister, a second bundle of pure joy and the living proof that GIRLS ROCK! Great for Mark and Donna...I know they are feeling like they are on a cloud of pink, and your quilt will help that journey continue, a baby wrapped in your stitches of love!
    Huggs all around

  6. interesting to see your process steps on your design wall. And look at those beautiful eyes of your Granddaughter!

  7. Fascinating to see your process as you work through. And what sweet little darlings - I'll bet you can't wait to go and visit.

  8. I agree, it is fascinating to see how you work through your design process. I look forward to seeing the series on display so I can find all the pinks.

  9. of course, pink thread! stretch that comfort zone Penny.

    that pink silk piece though, some of it might work in other areas of this piece. just smidgens of it.

  10. Absolutely LOVE where you are going with this piece & really enjoyed watching the process you took to get there. Thanks so much for sharing, AND for adding so much beauty to the world of cyberspace!


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