Sunday, 1 January 2017

With Wishes From Our Home to Yours

May your past be a pleasant memory
Your future filled with delight and mystery
Your now a glorious moment
that fills your life with deep contentment.

May your day be filled with blessings
Like the sun that lights the sky
And may you always have the courage
To spread your wings and fly.
(An old Celtic blessing)

and may you dance

and play with those you love
in the midst of a winter's snow.

This is a first for me
I have republished this post from January 1, 2013
because it says exactly what I want to say at the beginning of every year.
I noticed the comments from 2013 have been carried forward!
I am so technologically challenged!


  1. warmest of blessings and deepest of dreamings to you and yours during this new year!!

  2. Have a happy, happy New Year Penny, full of love and peace and great creativity. Wonderful to see your scratchings for 2012 done! Amazing!

  3. Lovely post. May all your wishes for us come back in double strength for you and yours this coming year.

  4. Dear Penny, happy new year to you and your loved ones and thank you for this post !
    Thank you also for a full year round of scratchings: I enjoyed every each and every one of them !
    Many happy stitches in 2013 !!!! Love from Holland

  5. I'd LOVE to join in there!!

    ...could you please send some snow...

    ...and those RPs by express delivery?! :-)))

    Have a great creative 2013 Penny.

    x C

  6. Ahhh...important blessings to remember and embrace! May your year be filled with exquisite moments! Love the spotty RP in the 2nd pic, reminds me of a Dr. Seuss critter!

  7. Thank you, Penny, for that beautiful blessing. Where I live in Australia we don't get to experience snow like you have, on Friday we have temp of 39c forecast, too hot for me! Wishing you a year filled with joy and good health. With plenty of time for more creative projects.

  8. Lovely post.have a really creative New Year!

  9. I don't like winter but I have to admit I might enjoy it just a little if I could play outdoors with your rusty pups! The very happiest of years to you Penny!!

  10. The rusty pups seem to have "deep contentment" nailed - and "dancing" as well...!

  11. Lovely sentiments, don't blame you for repeating them. May I give them back to you.

  12. Best wishes for a wonderful year to you too, Penny! I look forward to seeing where your needle and thread take you this year. Hugs

  13. Wonderful words! These old Celtic blessings are glorious, I have a favourite pinned on my board in the studio. Happy New Year!

  14. Happy New Year!!! Lets make it great!! Hugs! deb

  15. Love seeing the rusty pups dancing in the snow with the person brave enough to trudge the deep snow. How lovely to live in a place where all this beauty is yours for the camera to capture.
    Happy New Year.

  16. I love this post -- I'm glad you brought it back. Some words are meant to be repeated! Happy New Year!

  17. I love this post -- I'm glad you brought it back. Some words are meant to be repeated! Happy New Year!

  18. Je vous souhaite une très belle année 2017, pleine de bonheur, de joie, de santé et de belles créations.
    Dilou91 - Paris

  19. Penny...what a beautiful poem and sentiment to pass along. Your doggies are so precious. Miss ours like crazy. Nothing like Goldens.

  20. Definitely those were words that bear repeating...thank you. And so much fun to see the rusty pups having a play in the snow.

  21. Love the idea of dancing in the snow with the ones I love!

  22. Stunning photos! Thank you for reposting, the words are beautiful. Wishing you a joyful year ahead.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing creative work with us during the past year.


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