Monday, 16 January 2017

A Fortnight of Stone Pathways

I have been organizing myself
by filling a beautiful basket with squares torn from
linen, silk, damask, a pair of old baggy pants and more.

Another basket of potential pebbly fabric
mostly dyed with local vegetation.

And of course a small basket of threads.
When stitching a daily record of time
it is important to make things as easy as possible
So now I have everything at hand.

A fortnight done....well not quite....still working on them.
Haven't yet decided how to attach each week to the next.

A little bit of ruching on a speckled background.

Each pebble has it's own personality
It's own world in which to sit.

 I am thinking there would not be
too many straight lines surrounding the pebbles
in a Stone Pathway.

A speckled pebble hovering above stitched folds.

Sunday's rock sits plain and lonely
but not for long!

For now the used pebbles are lined up on a windowsill.
Perhaps I will create an installation in the garden next summer.
I see them hanging from tree branches.
But we loose trees every year through weather, disease and old age.
I have a few months of snow and ice before
the warmer weather comes!

And the pebble that started it all
happily sitting next to a liquorice all sort perhaps.


  1. It is good to see how you organise yourself for your daily pebbles, making it easy to pick up and play!

  2. Beautiful soft colours and I can see how the pebbles are coming to life with stitch. I often start off organised, but it soon descends into a chaotic mess!!

  3. I love this post. A glimpse into your thinking and creativity. I really like the idea that the paths around the stones wouldn't be straight. Also the idea of the baskets. I always make a stack of 'stuff' when I'm deciding on a new project -- and then midway through I start the next stack as I get new ideas.

  4. I am loving seeing how you are going about this, far more organised than me.

  5. I like the irregular edges for the "blocks", it's like the path went up hill to the next rock, or down to another.

    I can picture them in a large coil shape. Maybe even attached to wire on one edge, for "structure". so people can walk around it, see through it to the backs...

  6. Just came to check in and see this wonderfulness!! Pebbles and rocks and...have been coming my way of late. Saw this on FB, maybe from Velma or Valerianna...can't recall.
    I took a lot of stone,rock, pebble pics today on a hike :)
    Love the way you prepare.

  7. Your work is looking very interesting and inspiring. I like the way you get everything organized in advance. I've read through the first post about the pebble path and I think I have it figured out but please correct me if I'm wrong:

    You lay the bound rock/pebble on a piece of neutral cloth. You lay another piece of fabric over the pebble and mark around it. The stitching around the pebble is then done to hold the pebble in place. Am I right?

    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful work.

  8. Thank you for taking us along on your stone stitch journey ... this is really wonderful stuff!

  9. I am liking your pebbles Penny and I like them all lined up on your windowsill too. xx

  10. Me thinks you will have to change your name to Lucy! Do you remember Lucy in the movie, The Long, Long Trailer? And she collects rocks and stores them in her caravan?
    You seem very connected to stones and rocks, I saw the comment about the background for your blog and that it is called Rock Bound. I still think you need to come visit Australia & go see Ulura.
    Stones & rocks hold the secrets of our lands ~ your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of it thru this new year.

  11. So many variations on pebbles already - it's going to be SUCH fun to watch this one evolve throughout the year. To say nothing about the collection of real pebbles you are amassing.


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