Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Icy Ideas....Nature's Doodles

We are Icebound again.

Puddles down on the dyke are frozen smooth

Elsewhere the ice can be crunchier.

I like to record natures lines....


Mother Nature does a much better job....

of making design more interesting than I do.

Line next to another line next to another.
All flowing in the same direction
but each one unique.

Shapes within shapes
and, hey
I have just spied a P for Penny!


  1. Amazing photographs. I would love to see how you interpret those into fibre magic.

  2. I have been thinking and dreaming of map quilts lately. Then I watched "coast Australia' and started thinking and dreaming of an aerial coast quilt. Now I'm thinking of aerial ICE quilts. These photos would make gorgeous starting points for quilting. Thank you for sharing your view of your world. Inspirational.

  3. These are amazing! some marks already look like they are made with chainstitch!
    Sandy in the UK

  4. They do look lovely. Maybe trapunto quilting?

  5. Oh! You have just taken me back 60 years or so, to memories of walking to school and sliding on iced up puddles.

  6. Interesting shapes, look forward to see what you do with them. Your cold, we are bracing for more heat.

  7. It took me a few minutes to spy the P in the photo! Good eye. I've seen a few cracking ice at the end of my driveway but it is so darn cold that I haven't wanted to stop and take photos. But since we don't expect our temps to get above freezing, and if I want photos like these, I will have to bundle up a tad more than I usually do and get out there and start snapping. Thanks for the inspiration. Getting out and about yesterday after 5 days of being snowed in was a treat. I love the snow, but in shorter spurts. We had 3 storm systems in 5 days. The kids loved being out of school. Young men who advertised on the Facebook free list for snow clearing were earning some money but not making a lot. I was so grateful for the crew that came to my house on Tuesday afternoon.

    Take care,

  8. These are gorgeous pics. I have a number of frozen water pics myself. They are good sources for patterns in art work.

  9. i wonder if you could do any 'ice dye' on the puddle?

  10. Much as I dislike the cold even I have to admit that ice is beautiful - as your pictures attest.

  11. Those ice photos take me back in time. In winter, I loved nothing more than exploring (and smashing) the puddles on an icy day!! You captured some really beautiful "organic" lines.


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