Monday, 23 January 2017

Evolving Stone Pathways

 Week three of Stone Pathways
sewn together in flowing lines by week.
Unfortunately I am not liking the idea of a long weekly strip of these patches.

I still like the concept of a pebble a day.

I still enjoy bringing out their individuality.
(My favourite one this week)
They are all still in progress
I see lots more 'stitchy' mark making to come.

Yes, I do have this strange shaped pebble.
I think of it as a duck.

Sometimes it is not the beauty of a stone that makes me pick it up.
This last one is pretty much an ugly hotdog!

So....I do not like the idea of a long piece of pebble strips any more
I love the three strips alongside my favourite piece of natural dyed linen. ideas on how to assemble the final product are changing.
That is how things work best for me.
Going with the flow.


  1. "The Flow" looks pretty good to me. I love these stones, even the ugly ones. I especially like those where the fabric is a bit wrinkled - it gives those stone extra texture. On the other hand, there is something about running a smooth rock through your fingers. This is a wonderful project -- so glad you're sharing it with us.

  2. loving the colour way of this piece - however it turns out, the natural calmness of those colours and the repetitive uniqueness of those dots... I swoon! x

  3. I like the Flow as it stands, but as you say, these things evolve...

  4. Enjoying seeing your pebbles building up, I like the flow

  5. this sounds and looks like a fun thing to do.
    nice that you let if flow and unfold as you go along. maybe because you have laid them side by side, i think it would make a nice pillow or even a curtain (not that you asked).

  6. I love the stone - path combination, Penny

  7. Can't wait to see what you have in mind for this - the dyed linen is perfect with it.

  8. When I read, whether it is on the computer or on a paper page, I often skip over words and letters. I thought you were saying in the last paragraph that you were going with the "snow", not the "flow." Why? I am so tired of snow at my house. It's very early in the morning and still dark outside. I dare not look out the garage door for fear that the cleared driveway from late yesterday afternoon is again covered with snow. AGAIN! In the meantime, I sure do like your pebbles and the way you have currently decided to arrange them. On my little laptop screen, the pebbles look huge. I know they aren't, though. I think the new arrangement looks mighty fine. Thanks so much for posting such great pictures.

  9. i like burnt hot dogs! i like the bright BG for the rocks, makes each one show up better. but i see what you mean about the lining them up part. the piece of linen is really good with them.

  10. It is very inspiring to me to see how you work, and how your ideas evolve one into another.


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