Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Sunday Afternoon Walking Rusty Pups

We all love walking in this place
where not only trees tower above us.

Moss covered rock giants

grow between the trees.

Rocks crowd along the river's edge
trying to contain rushing waters.

But the river manages to break it's banks when the Springtime
melt comes.

The Rusty Pups love this place.

When they were younger they would rush through the trees
following every scent and noise.
Now they are content to lead the way along the paths
and rest every now and then waiting for us
 two legged members of the pack to catch up.

The sun was very bright that day

and low in the afternoon sky
making for long shadows across the path.

Huge grey rocks...

....looking a bit like elephants taking a dip.

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  1. Great photos for a great post. As I scrolled down slowly to the last image, my first thought was elephants drinking from the stream. Yes, the humongous rocks look like humongous rocks. Fun.


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