Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Crumb for Week Forty- Eight

Just four more weeks left.
2016 will soon be history
Can hardly believe it.

I've been looking back over the year
and find that some Crumbs just don't have enough stitches on them!
I think I will have to rectify that.

This month not only do Diane and I have a show at Sissiboo
but we also have our Community Art Centre Member's show
So I was a bit short of work
and decided to quickly frame a few Crumbs.
As a result I have decided to collect 52 old photo frames
of various sizes
remove the glass
respray them
use them to frame my 2016 Crumbs 
and show them as a grouping in one of next year's shows.


  1. Goodness, it would never do for a Crumb to be short of stitches!

  2. Goodness, it would never do for a Crumb to be short of stitches!

  3. Beautiful! I'm a lover of framed work and 52 will be spectacular! These three hold a power and focus along with their own beauty.

  4. This post came through okay Penny. Love your idea of framing your crumbs - works on so many levels and definitely useful for using for display at a show. Good plan!

  5. Love the colours & stitches in your top photo. Please, can I ask how do you attach your Crumbs to the mount when you frame them?

  6. I am simply SHOCKED Penny that some Crumbs may not have enough stitches...."they are, after all, but crumbs" someone famous never said.
    The frame idea? Grand, simply grand.

  7. I think that is a great way to frame your crumbs - they are going to make a stunnig display. xx

  8. I love your frame idea. It's something I can use for my photos to show at the 2017 Flagstaff Open Studio Tour. Excellent and I'll start the hunt for the frames now at thrift shops and estate sales. You are a genius. I love your idea to remove the glass, too, for cloth pieces. I may even do some cloth photo printing.

  9. So glad you mentioned removing the glass ... so important for the health & life-span of textiles ... so many ppl don't know this !
    Great plan for 52 crumbs ;)

  10. Once again, you inspire me! I especially appreciate this as we enter the long winter nights.

  11. Hello from Wisconsin ~~ I have just found you and I am thrilled to see your amazing work! I have subscribed, but I have one quick question ..... Will you be snapping pictures of ALL 52 weeks? I guess I mean showing them all at one time? Thank you so much~~


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