Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A New Beginning and an Established Lodge

A new piece on the table being layered and pinned.
Decided to return to tradition and try a wool batt for this one.
Lately I've just used two layers of fabric.
Not sure if I will like the puffier effect.
We shall see.

If you look carefully you can see that a rock shape
has already been roughly basted to get me started.

The beaver lodge is enormous
A well established family.

The Rusty Pups always have to have a good sniff
to find out what the beaver has been up to lately.

It is a huge mound of mud and branches.

Sometimes we arrive to find tree trunks blocking
the driveway.
Not our driveway....this is where our neighbours live.

Below the lodge is a second muddy damn the beaver have
built to hold the water back.
They like it wet!


  1. Oh those Rusty Pups -- if its there they'll sniff it out. I love the look of your new work -- it seems to go with this time of the year.

  2. Given the skill of beavers as hydraulic engineers, what are the deductive skills of Rusty Pups, I wonder...?

  3. Always great to see a new start ;-)

    (are you using that spoon to help the safety pins "up"
    again ???? clever !)

    Impressive lodge !!! Some builders those beavers !

  4. I too have those "to batt or not to batt" moments with almost every project. I haven't tried wool batt though, does it needle nicely?

    Hopefully the first few stitches will tell you your choice was the right one.

    I didn't know beavers built outside of water, on top of the dam, yes. That's really cool.

  5. That beaver lodge is amazing. Thank you for sharing, as I find it fascinating how they build their home.

  6. Love those Rusty Pups! I'm always happy when you include them in a post. Not that I'm the least bit jealous of you!


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